Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nice Guys Do Finish Last

Always be a gentleman, represent yourself in a positive manor, put your best foot forward, work towards a goal and you will be rewarded, work as a team ...  sage words.

Nice guys finish last.

Once again ... not paying attention, stabbed in the back, rolled over by a truck, left on the side of the road to die.

I will never learn.

Should have seen it coming, I knew something was afoot.

Should have prepared.

But how?

Would it have mattered?

This has been happening for years.

I have spent the last month, working 7 days a week ... for naught.

Silly, stupid girl.

Underhanded, sneaky, snarky girls.

Lesson learned, again, are you finally ready to move on?


Head held high, nothing to regret ...

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Manners for an Office

Things are slow.
We are struggling with this new world.
People are fearful of their jobs.

Why not?
Start something new?
Learn something?
Think outside the box?


They have become petty.
Pointing out others mistakes,
to make themselves look better.

Criticizing others, talking behind backs.
Boasting they can do better, quicker, faster.


"Without feelings of respect, what is there to distinguish men from beasts? "


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Rude at the Doctors Office

We were waiting in the doctors office.
We were early, first appointment, I thought there would be paperwork.
The 2 girls at the main desk were chatting.
They were positioned behind a counter, in the main waiting room.
We could hear every.single.word.
They dished on the new doctor. How they didn't like her.
We waited.
They dished on other employee's, one did this, one did that.
We waited.
They texted someone.
We waited.
They wondered where the doctor was, was she coming, why was she late, they had to be on time.
We waited.
They complained someone had not cleaned the examing room.
We waited.
They called a patient and bluntly reminded him to make an appointment -- he had not been seen since 2002.
We waited.
The doctor arrived, they were oh so very nice.

My question ... why is this ok?

What did we not say something to them?

We must be brave ...

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Back .. again

Another year, more good intentions.

Look for my review of my intentions from 2011.

Look for intentions for 2012 (or at least a repeat of last year's list)

Look for insightful post and quips.

Or at the very least links to some of my favorite sites :)

Happy New Year!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The 3 Bling Rule

Sage advise for a new (to me) blog.

How not to look old.

We all have a LBD or should :)

Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me.

Today is my birthday, 51. Yikes. Amazing and scary.

My people do not have a long life span. I am banking on the longivity of my grandparents and falalalaing over my parents. (still miss you both ...)

Still feel the same as 30 or 40. Though have noticed I am a bit slower getting up and the knee's seem creaky? A wee slower? Perhaps.

I spent the last 75 minutes working on 'maintenance' -- in honor of the day :)

  • plucked pruned and shaped the eyebrows
  • search and distroy misssion for any witch hairs on the chinny chin chin (a daily mission and yet they sneak up or sprout full grown)
  • searched the upper lip, not the bearded woman from the circus, yet. Pre-menapause - I don't like you.
  • tending to the nether region (and this not even swim season! - not such a huge deal anymore, thank you Lands End)
  • shaved the legs - harder as the eyes continue to 'age' can't take bi-focals into the shower.
  • shaved the under arms - wonder why they have suddenly gotten un-even. Hope for the same result for the left.
  • moisturized everything, and then let everything absorb, settle in. Realize now why this does not happen daily. 
  • ponder why I moisturize for wrinkles and still get pimples. Unfair.
We now get our birthday off in work. A nice break and a wonderful perk. A day just for me - everyone else is at work/school I have the house to myself.

What do I hope for this year ...

  • learn how to crochet from a pattern (hat specifically - as I have started this hat more than 15 times, and just realized I am using the wrong size hook, there are multiple sizes in the footnote section?, one should SL at the end of every row or the hat looks like grandma's dollie, my skill is not intermediate/advanced as I had thought ;)
  • knit a pair of socks.
  • start the couch to 5K challenge (spring)
  • drink more water
  • new employment, change is good, getting much to 'settled' and need new challenges.
  • update resume and construct a 'tag line'
  • start to hike - or take long walks in the woods.
  • update this blog and the other on a regular basis.
  • restart the 30 day shred, careful with the knee this time
  • advance past 'gentle yoga' - or at least try another class
  • be more thoughtful
  • give thanks more
  • email my father-in-law, send news and pictures more often
  • got to lunch, early dinner with the girls more
  • spend lots of time with those boys, they are growing much too quickly
  • reconnect with hubby
All valid hopes. Not too difficult, doable.

So many years I have had lofty New Years Eve resolutions.

This year a simple doable 2011 New Year resolution - check all pockets before washing. It gives a sense of accomplishment and feels good.

Same hope for the birthday list.

Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Protect the Children - RIP Bill

Bill Zeller - so sad.

Brilliant mind, brilliant programmer and so troubled.

So very sad.

Rest in Peace,  Bill