5 of My Favorite Things

I am not in my twilight years but half my life is over.

More than half should I not live to be 100?

A few of my favorite things:

  1. Keurig – the fabulous machine that brings me a single cup of perfectly brewed coffee, devine.  We upgraded late last year and they have added coding to the K-cups. It is complicated to brew some of my favorites but my MacGyver has created a work about  and all is well. The oldest boy once wrote a paper on his hero Angus MacGyver. Same boy wrote another on his favorite vacation memory – Stonewall Kitchen store.
  2. Missouri Star Quilt – Jenny (I feel we are friends) reminded me know it was fine to sew with a mistake or two, the joy is in the sewing. I have been sewing for years and still learn from her video’s.
  3. The puppy. I sometimes ponder, why did we get another dog? It is the greeting when you come home –  doesn’t matter if you were gone a hour or days. The wagging, the singing, the joy. The house is empty of boys now, their childhood dog is gone, this rescue dog is happy, young, spirited and brings a smile to everyone. He is a family dog, everyone is his favorite. He roams about and visits with all, everyone is his master.
  4. Yankee Candles – I love the spice scents. Sweet and flowery are not to my taste, the Christmas cookie scent just makes me hungry. Once on a shopping trip to the outlets I purchased a candle topper. May not be the correct term. It is a metal thingy that goes on the large jars. Amazing, the candles now burn evenly and down to the bottom.  I have tried others (many) and still go back to this brand. Tried and true. Currently enjoying the mountain lodge scent. My all time favorite was autumn lodge, a piney scent with just a touch of pipe scent. It brought back fond memories of my grandfather, Yankee you should bring this back – please! Yankee Candle Autumn Lodge 22 oz
  5. Longaberger pottery coffee mugs. I like to cradle my mug, hold it for warmth in my hand and these are my favorites. The pattern I have is retired, looks like they have some stunning new colors, love the paprika.

It is the simple things in life.


Mom of College Boys Seeks New Identity

Thinking of posting this job request. Too much to ask?

For years I did the work/Mom balance act. Dashing back and forth from drop-off to office to sporting event. I was pretty successful, only missed a few key items over the years. I can pat myself on the back and recall being present for all school plays, readings and events, sporting events; baseball, football, karate, music lessons, braces, doctor appointments and more. Answering emails, balancing bank statements all from the comfy front seat of my people mover.

Now they are off and trying to find their place, in their future.

I know they are still under the ‘parental’ umbrella, but once they leave for college everything changes. You want them to be independent, you want them to leave their rooms at home behind, you want them to make mistakes, albeit small ones and yet you don’t. I envy those with college kids still at home, in a strange way. Want to be those parents, yet don’t.

I can recall the oldest leaving for school and how upset the husband was (emotion is not in his character) – it will never be the same he complained. He will come back, but it will never be the same. He won’t be here for dinner, he won’t be in his room at night.

The irony, the bedrooms are clean. I wished that, for years. The rooms that held so much of their identity are now forgotten time capsules. Anything that mattered has been packed and taken to the dorm.

boys bedroom
This might have been one of our bedrooms, if I was that crafty or they played hockey.

So, what now?

I have volunteered, driven miles in circles dropping off and picking up, shopped, feed and mentored these people and now they are off.

The Circle of Life and all that crap.